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Of course, I'm specialized in Thuringia. However, if you want me to do research in Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Saxony or Hesse, it's no big deal for me. If it's too far north or too far south, I work with other professional family researchers in the region. Depending on the amount of field work required, and the travel distances needed, I will provide the best solution for you. In Thuringia, I know many of the institutions, archives, and persons needed to accomplish the goal of finding your family. This is a crucial advantage, as it's all about knowing the clerks, pastors, and archivists that open their doors for our requests.


Regardless of which of the federal states, I know how to handle people respectfully to get their support, which is so important for your success. In many cases, it's not just a "come, search, and go". It's about asking. It's about finding a perfect time to visit. It's about handling human beings.


Below, I introduce you to some of the greatest places in Thuringia and around. They are all very close to where I live. If you are at your wit's end in one of these locations in Thuringia, Germany, it's very convenient for me to help you. So check on the names of the cities and communities, where you are stuck. Contact me!


This is city hall of Gotha. Gotha is a so-called Bach City and if you fell in love with this picture, here I provide more to read including a little video about this unique city. 


This is a treasure, which was preserved just hours away from being torn down. It is the mill, where Johann Sebastian Bach's great-great-grandfather and his son Hans once ground their corn. A jewel in the history of this composer: It is located in the community of Wechmar, in Thuringia as well. 


The Town Palace in the city of Weimar. Weimar was titled "Europe Cultural Capital". And that wasn't by the town council but by UNESCO. To be frank, there is so much culture, that almost every second house has a plate, who once lived in this or that house. 


Mühlhausen, in Thuringia as well, but far to the east, is the most central city in Germany. It's called "the city of gates and churches" and Mühlhausen was the place, where Johann Sebastian Bach was hired as a cantor after he left Arnstadt. 


This is city hall of Erfurt. Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia, and it's the "Bach City of all Bach Cities" (... you call it the "Mother of all Bach Cities"). 60 files alone in the churches of this metropolis tell about the great family of musicians. However, Johann Sebastian Bach only did an organ inspection here. Probably he visited more often to meet relatives.


The Bach City of Arnstadt. It's here, where Johann Sebastian Bach got his first real job as an organist. Three important stories in the life of the master happened here until he left and moved on to the city of Mühlhausen, Thuringia.


Leipzig in the Federal State of Saxony in Germany. In the picture above you see the St. Thomas Church in the city center. St. Thomas Church is the place, where Johann Sebastian Bach is laid to rest.


Dresden, Saxony, is located almost exactly in the west of Eisenach in Thuringia. It is a convenient distance and I would surely care about your research there in person. From Eisenach, it's a two-hour drive, almost 300 Kilometers one way. And yes, maybe you just discovered it reading about this destination: family research is traveling too ... sort of annoying for you? However, it's necessary.



A Small Gratification for You


You realize it: I am most comfortable in Thuringia and best of all in my hometown of Eisenach. On the other hand: I love to be very mobile. And it's fun outside the borders of Thuringia, too. But, back to my promise now, if you have read until this point. Here is a little video ready for you, not about my hometown Eisenach, that is what you get with a click here. No, here it's about the Bach House and the Bach Museum here in Eisenach. Have much fun watching.


This video with a length of six minutes is about a prominent family researcher, which I never met, but the two Bachs from Heilbronn did. It is author and Bach scientist, Helga Brück, who presents her hometown for you.



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