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Caution: Genealogy is addicting. That is what many hobby genealogists confirm. However, many professional genealogists, who started their job years ago agree. Plus, there are many who transformed their genealogy passion into a professional genealogy service.



Genealogy for Both Starters and Genealogy Enthusiasts


My genealogy service for you: two offers = one honorarium.


For you as a genealogy beginner I offer to take the first steps in your family research together with you. This part of my service also includes researching for you, if you do not want to deal too much with the matter yourself or if you cannot do it due to time constraints. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea of first having to learn old German script or Sütterlin in order to then be able to read in church records (... parish registers), wherever in Germany, what is written there. For me, this area of genealogy is not a challenge. It is mainly diligence to accompany you with it one, two or in the best case even many generations back into the past. By the way: The graphic artist Ludwig Sütterlin developed this font named after him in 1911.


Experienced private researchers know the time required, as well as the challenge to be far away from home sustainably in terms of genealogical research. With my experience I optimize the yield per researched hour. In concrete terms: I use my knowledge and experience to work my way through documents more quickly. And at the same time I discover – more reliably than many dedicated amateurs – terms and words of meaning. Just have a look at my video. It is about genealogy, about me and you will get an impression. It is worthwhile, and the video is really very short.



My Video About a Genealogist: A Short Portrait About Me


The video about me and my genealogy service. With it, you get more information. And that quite comfortably. The video is narrated by a professional and accompanied by beautiful music. And above all it is short. Take a little longer than four minutes and watch the video: Maybe I will soon be your genealogist in Thuringia and around Thuringia, respectively all over Germany.

About genealogy my ultra-short video. As already mentioned above: It is a small portrait about me as a genealogist. If I may be active for you in the matter of genealogy – or if you find the term family research better, then family research – then you can learn a lot in this video. You experience me as a genealogist at work, in addition there are some pictures from my hometown Eisenach and the text in the video is narrated by a professional and is accompanied by music. However, this portrait is short. In a quick four and a half minutes you will know me much better afterwards, and maybe I may search for your ancestors for you soon. Thank you for visiting my website and your interest, your genealogist Christian Andreas Hoske.



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