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Caution: Genealogy is addicting. That is what many hobby genealogists confirm. However, many professional genealogists, who started their job years ago agree. Plus, there are many who transformed their genealogy passion into a professional genealogy service.



Genealogy for Both Starters and Genealogy Enthusiasts


Two offers = one honorarium.


For you as a genealogy starter, I will recommend common first steps in your family research.


Experienced amateur genealogist know the investment in time and the challenge, to research sustainable far from home. With my experience as a family researcher, I optimize your yield per hour. A fact: with my knowledge, I am working through a file faster, and I will discover terms and words of importance more reliably than most committed amateurs. Please watch the English video below the German video.



My Video About a Genealogist: A Short C.A. Hoske Portrait


The video about me and my genealogy service: Find more information about me on a very convenient basis. Narrated by a professional. With nice music. Plus, it's short. What, if you now take four minutes of time to watch this small portrait? Maybe I am your new family researcher in Thuringia, respectively, Germany.

Don't worry: the video about me, the German genealogist C.A. Hoske is just six minutes short. But it tells you more about me and my philosophy regarding genealogy "between the lines". If you would like to hire me as your future genealogist in Germany – or if you like this term better: your family researcher in Germany – you get a lot of information out of this video. You will discover me working as a genealogist in the field. There are images of my hometown Eisenach, Thuringia in Germany and the whole show is narrated by a professional and, music is added. After fast six minutes you know me just a little better and maybe soon I might be the perfect person to search for your ancestors. Thank you for your visit and your interest in my website and service: your genealogist in Germany Christian Andreas Hoske.



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C.A. Hoske ... Your Genealogist / Family Researcher in Thuringia / Germany



C.A. Ahnen- und Erbenforschung

Christian Andreas Hoske

Ehrensteig 19

99817 Eisenach / Germany



Tel :  +49 (0) 36 91 - 80 48 51

Fax:  +49 (0) 32 22 - 14 07 87 0

Mail:  info (at) christian-hoske.de

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