My Service for You as a Genealogist / Family Researcher in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany


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If you do genealogy, whether it's in the United States, in Germany or elsewhere: Do you consider such an amount of books a challenge or does it promise to be a rewarding adventure?



Research. As I search files in the field, I look for everything related to your research. I will follow your suggestions on where to focus, or I will give you recommendations based on my experience. Dependent on your goals, I recommend various sources such as church records, death files, birth certificates, tax rolls, community files, libraries, and more. I will recommend where our search will be most rewarding and will strive to honor your preferences.


Analyses. I will do a written summary of the findings that are of importance to you. I will convert old German language into current-day German, and then translate that into plain, professional English. Any special terms of that day will be put into current idioms, at no additional cost to you. Based on the findings, I will also provide my opinion on further steps you may take in researching your family.


Interpretation. If requested, I will analyze your earlier research and results. I can easily find errors, noticing for example that a name of "Fridigan" should instead be "Friedrich", or the community of "Andiolebin" should instead be Andisleben. These kinds of simple mistakes, if you don't realize them, might mean a "full stop" in your research. With this service, I can confirm your data, or provide you with an alternative view.


Fonts Processing. Easy to explain. You send me a document in old German font. I transfer it in three successive steps, based on your needs. First, I make it readable for a German by simply changing the font. Next, I transfer this document into contemporary German. This eliminates the guessing of what old terminology might have meant. The third step is to translate all this into current English by a professional translator.


Sütterlin. Sütterlin was the first effort in the year 1911 to replace many different old German fonts with one common German font. I have mastered Sütterlin like I read Latin font. My service provides you with my extensive experience and my ability to quickly and accurately handle long text and borderline cases.


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C.A. Hoske ... Your Genealogist / Family Researcher in Thuringia / Germany



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