C.A. Hoske, Your Family Researcher (... That Is Genealogist) in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany: Please Learn More About Me

A family researcher at work with genealogy in an archive in Thuringia, Germany. The photos on this page are taken by my friend Rainer Krieg. A very special thank you here to you, Rainer.

One more photo of me while doing my family research in the field. Archives all over Germany are very different. Some of them are perfectly organized. Others give you the feeling, you jump back into a long gone time. But that, as well is, what makes family research exciting ... and it's never according to the book.



I Am Christian Andreas Hoske and I Would Love to Be Your Genealogist in Thuringia and Germany


My name is Christian Andreas Hoske, born in December 1978. I specialize in genealogy and heritage science. This is my job. I am living in the heartland of the Federal State of Thuringia, in the middle of Germany, in Eisenach. I mainly serve clients from Germany and from the United States of America. My research travels cover the "deep South" of Germany, such as Rosenheim in Bavaria, all the way up to Flensburg in Northern Germany.

For 16 years I love and do genealogy and since 2009 I am even a professional genealogist. An exciting passion developed into a real job. I am just loving it.



For Me, Genealogy Is Not Just a Profession ... It's My Passion


My first serious genealogy work began in the year 2006 with an account for the Landeskirchenarchiv Eisenach, where I specialized in reading old fonts. I prepared more than 1,000 church books for photo archival. I revised another 2,600 church books that had been previously archived. I put together a general catalog of the Thuringian church books ... a crucial project to relocate forgotten church books and save them for the future. This catalog covers 28,600 church books, which I researched from 1939 community files. Of course, I am not the first who worked in this area. Earlier there were more researchers, for instance Karl Güldenapfel with his book Die evangelischen Kirchenbücher Thüringens (... The Protestant Church Books in Thuringia); published in the year 1934. 


On this page, this is the last photo from me as a genealogist. Better than just on photos, you meet me in the little, short video from Peter Bach Jr.! Just take a short time and watch it: it's fun. You'll find the video on this page a little further, too.



Family Research for You Since 2009


I started working for myself in 2009. The most exciting accounts I have researched to date are genealogy related to Martin Luther and to Johann Sebastian Bach. But every job and every family is exciting. And I know it is important to you.


Today I am living in Eisenach together with my wife and two children. I also have much interest in archeology, and I am enthusiastic about the United States of America.

Yes, I did place this video with me as a genealogist and about my work more than one time on my website. Peter Bach Jr., who videotaped it, took the photos and edited it, believes, it is a "likable business card" about me and my job as a genealogist. And he believes, it's as well exciting in the matter of genealogy in general. Maybe you and I will be working together in the future for a while. In this case, watching this video now is a perfect addition, to decide, which genealogist in Germany is the perfect one for you.



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