A Most Likeable Postage Stamp Showing Eisenach in Thuringia, Germany

Dominica is a little island in the Caribbean. The artist was so excited by the life of Johann Sebastian Bach and his genealogy that he transformed the name of the city in Thuringia, Germany, where Bach was born from Eisenach to Eisenbach, which now contains the name of the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer. With a click here you find all stamps which are related to Bach on earth.



A Small Highlight That Is Absolutely Not Related With Ancestry: One More Video for You


The probability that you of all people are a stamp collector is probably a likelihood of one in a million. You are probably no stamp collector. The probability that you might be interested in the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach, Bach's genealogy and his life, is probably very, very small too. However, you might be in the mood and have the time just to "jump" into the world of Bach once? Or into the world of the postage stamp collectors. If you take the time and if you are in the mood, then you'll find here, in the section of the Eisenach stamp, which is as well not related to genealogy, one more short video. "With Bach Around the World" shows the most complete collection of stamps related to the theme of Johann Sebastian Bach. And that is to say in a trip around the earth. Some 150 stamps are displayed, I will present you many of them.

This video has nothing to do with my service as a genealogist, plus nothing with my genealogy offer in general. It is an adorable collection of postage stamps from Germany and from all over the world, music and narration to invite you to an enjoyable trip around the world. With a lot of music from Johann Sebastian Bach. However, it's not only music from him. This video – like the other videos – is produced by Renate and Peter Bach Jr. as well.



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