A Fair Honorarium: My Fee as Your Genealogist / Family Researcher in Thuringia, Germany


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Of course, you can pay me for my genealogy service for you with US Dollars. However, I would really appreciate nowadays bills. But when I think twice, it really depends. If it was more exotic for you to pay me in Euros, I would be happy, too. And if you are unfamiliar with the idea of sending money abroad, PayPal is one perfect option.


My Family Research for You: It's Fair and Based on Hourly Research


My fee for any partially fractured hour is € 39.90* (... including professional translation of any writing into English) for research in archives in the field and for editing the finds at home. There is no additional fee for the driving time to any place in Germany. So, if I drive to Erfurt in Thuringia, plus I will be there in an archive for two hours and after that, I drive back, I would work a total of 3.5 hours for you. But I will only charge two hours for this trip. VAT is included in the amount above. Please read about the travel expenses, which add, further down this page.


The fee for clients in both Germany and all other countries in the world is also € 39.90* ... even with the translation into English. It's possible to pay via PayPal. There is no additional cost for you when you decide to pay me via PayPal. A professional translation of the research results is included in the hourly rates. So there is no extra fee. Of course, you have the option to pay in Dollars. Please find a conversion rate in a sample later, but keep in mind, the rate is changing constantly.



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No, you can't hire me for several decades in advance with just one bill. But even if you could, the amount above on the bill would be way more than I would charge you. Even for hundreds of hours of work with your genealogy.



You Pay for My Family Research, But You Won't Pay for the Time to Drive to Any Place


There are additional travel expenses to pay. The amount is € 0.42* per kilometer up to a one-way distance of 100 kilometers (... 62 miles) around Eisenach. And it’s a fee of € 0.71* starting at 100 kilometers (... 62 miles) one distance and up. Based on an exchange rate of € 1 = $ 1 it is € 0.71* would be $ 0.77* per kilometer, which is $ 1.23 per mile. Keep in mind, exchange rates vary on a daily basis. The bill is based on the Euro on the date of billing. VAT of 19 % is included. Only maybe lodging cost very rarely adds, but we would talk about that before you order. Check, what € 1.23* is in Dollars today ... with my currency converter for you.



1923. In these long gone times, genealogy, in general, was surely way more expensive. And, you probably could pay for a family researcher in natural products. How good, these times have changed. By the way, this is a German 500 billion Mark banknote.


Samples for You as Your Family Researcher


Let's say, you ask me, to do a two-hour research in the Church Archive of Erfurt, Thuringia. This would be a fee of two times € 39.90*, which is € 79.80*. To drive to Erfurt – from my hometown Eisenach –  is a distance of 70 kilometers (... which by the way is 44 miles). The way back is the same distance, which is a total of 140 kilometers (... 88 miles). So it's 140 kilometers x € 0.42* = € 58.80*. € 58.80* driving expenses plus € 79.80 honorarium is a total of € 136.80*. In this amount, VAT included.


It's different with a one-hour research in the City Archive of Kassel, but just a little. One way distance to Kassel, Hesse, the neighbor Federal State east of Thuringia is 130 kilometers (... 81 miles) from Eisenach. The same is true for the way back. So, a round trip is 260 kilometers (... 162 miles). I charge € 0.71* each kilometer when it's over 100 kilometers distance one way. Which then is a total of 260 kilometers multiplied by € 0.71* for driving expenses: This is a total of € 184.60*. My fee for this research, however, is low, as it's only one hour in the local archive, which is € 39.90*. If we add up both amounts it's a total of € 224,50*. Like in the sample above, VAT in Germany of 19 % is included in that amount. Please check on the amount in Dollars today by a click here. For your convenience here is one more way to my currency converter.


Three considerations for you. Firstly: Please compare my clearly arranged fee on an hourly basis and the driving expenses with the hourly rates of my competitors, especially the big service providers. You will figure out fast, that my fees are way below average. Secondly: Please just check on the hourly rate of your last plumbing service specialist. Both, the hourly rate plus the fee for a service call help to come from a neighborhood address. And finally, thirdly: I already today delivered a solution for you. Because you are here right now. And you also want to learn more about fees instantly ( ! ). You don't want to fill in a form, you don't want to write a mail, and you don't want to make a telephone call. You are researching on the internet because you want to get clear information. Now. On my website I offer, what many don't. A complete estimation. To the point. Plus, now! My philosophy.


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Please don't pay me in historic Russian Rubles. If you are happy with my family research for you in Thuringia or all over Germany, I would rather be paid in either American Dollars or European Euros. This is a historic Ruble bill. However, coming with the theme of fees on this page of my genealogy website, this illustration fits to perfection here. Please check on the $ vs. € rate today by a click here.

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I already mentioned it above: I would love to be paid in Dollars or Euros for my research for you here in lovely Eisenach, Germany, Federal State of Thuringia, in the heart of my fatherland. But I didn't want to deny this great Dollar bill of you. It's from the very early American years. Often, more interest in historical themes starts when you begin being interested in genealogy. I often heard that from my clients. And, more family researchers, both hobby and professional plus both, from Germany and from the USA tell so.



* incl. VAT


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