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Genealogy and Germany ... Renate and Peter Bach, Jr., both are my friends, are doing a great job telling the world about the greatest composer ever, the German Johann Sebastian Bach. But that is not what they do for a living. Actually they produce videos and even more, they specialize in videos about towns, communities and villages for the tourism industry. However, they create such shows as well for newspaper publisher companies, and they are market leader for that in Germany. A third target group is the brewing industry in Germany.


But what they both like best is, waiting for the perfect weather, travel to one destination and take photos there. As much as Peter can possibly get. Of course – and that goes without saying – the smaller the place, the harder it is to take two dozens or more. In a village like Dornheim or Wechmar both in Thuringia, it's hard to take 50, but in cities like Dresden or Berlin, you find 1,000 occasions. Starting in the year 2010 Peter was thinking, how to combine his two hobbies genealogy and photography and add the professional skills to create video shows. A first video for very close friends in the U.S. came into being. As late as many years after that little video was accomplished there was an option to hire narrators on the internet Renate and Peter made it a unique gift for those who desperately search for a special gift for those who research their roots in Germany and would love to have some entertainment about their family home decades or even centuries ago.


Since 2019 Peter offers a very special service, too. Together with his wife he is capable to create a unique video which then is a one of a kind. And it's personalized. You have three options: First is a mix of great photos plus music. The second is a narrated show about the location of your ancestors and the third is this little narrated show embedded in a genealogy section.


Here are samples for all three options:


A One of a Kind Genealogy Service for Genealogists With Ancestors All Over Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Video 1: This is "the Cadillac" among the three options. It's a narrated show about the village, community or city, where your ancestors once lived in Germany. This part of the video is embedded in the genealogy part, which is exactly a copy of what you can see here.



The Perfect Gift for Somebody Who Loves Genealogy and Has Roots In Germany


Actually, it's not a cheap service, that Peter Bach Jr. provides. On the other hand, it is up to six hours drive one way plus a whole day of photography. After that there is the post-production of the trip. Before the show will be narrated he has to write the script, he lets it narrate and does a day job in his audio studio.

Video 2: The second option is just the show about the village, community or city where your roots in Germany are. This video will be not be embedded in the genealogy story (... like in the video above), so it's some three minutes shorter. If you are interested even more in this version of a presentation of a place in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, there are more examples: a variety of more than ten such short cuties.


An Overlook ... An Appetizer


This little video will not be a movie in movie length. It's very, very compact. So the goal is, to give you an impression, what the place looks like, where your family came from, what it looks like today. So the maximum length is five short minutes. It really doesn't go deep, but it comes with either a nice book if it's a big city or the best you can buy when it's a small place. Of course, that depends on the size of the city or village. And there are places which are so tiny that there just isn't something like a book.

Video 3: The smallest option, that Peter Bach Jr. offers. As many pictures as he can get in a days work or, if the community is really small, as many pics you can possibly make. One nice piece of music will be the acoustic background.


Here You Will Find More Information, Fees, Conditions


Click here to find more details plus the fees for all three options of Peter Bach's service.

By the way, the publishing house of Renate Bach, "Bach 4 You" offers hundreds of Bach gifts plus 99 music calendars. She tries to refinance the expenses which both spent for their Bach mission, at least a little. Why don't you stop by for a minute and explore the unique gift offer?



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