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First of all, the church register database Northern Hesse has caused one thing: namely over 20 years of meticulous research and then processing. There are now more than 2,000,000 (... two million!) records that are not available again in this collection. Nowhere. Guaranteed.

The Kirchenbuchdatenbank Nordhessen (... Chruch Register Data Base Northern Hesse) also contains the datasets of the largest city in this area, Kassel. Above you can see an ancient engraving. Also, all further illustrations to my exciting topic "Kirchenbuchdatenbank Nordhessen" are in a similar style. Incidentally, most of the engravings in this style are from the hand of the artist Matthäus Merian, by the way, father,

and son.

Mr. Matthew Merian himself. He left us many, many ancient and exciting views of historic cities, communities, castles, and palaces. That's why he was the "master of my choice" to "decorate" this homepage to the church book database North Hesse.

The church records are recorded up to the year 1830. Thereafter, there were new parish registers with A-Z registers in all villages and towns of the collection area. These are easy to search through. For the period before 1830, however, there were usually no registers and associated, often long hours of search.


The advantage today: I can directly research and process your ancestors with this church register database Nordhessen, without looking for it in external databases or church books.


Creating a church register database, in my case, the one for North Hesse, first of all, requires many years of perseverance. But that is the case

genealogy-non-specific discipline. It all began long before the Internet became an unseen resource, especially in family research. Computers did not have the power yet, and today's memory resources only make you smile.

Are you looking for historical personal data from the town of Eschwege, which today has a population of around 19,500? I can help.


Of course, Witzenhausen also belongs to Northern Hesse. And of course there is a copper engraving here and now.


Over 2 Million Records

Right, you have already encountered this huge number above. But 2,000,000 data records also want to be processed. Imagine the effort alone for a single record. And then 2 million records of people from smaller communities from Abterode to Dwarves, and from larger cities like Kassel, or smaller towns like Rotenburg an der Fulda. It was and still is a time-consuming hobby, nursing alone consumes many hours a month. Today, however, these data are available and they can be of great importance if and when you are at the bottom of your genealogy research - in Northern Hesse - with "your wisdom". Then maybe I can help you optimally. And how you reach me, you know ... and if not, just click on this link.

Navigation in a Church Register Database


Of course, it is very important that I have one
To be able to "navigate" the church register database and that I can use my complete expertise to help you to think "outside the box"

Es ist Rotenburg an der Fulda. Wenn Sie nun aber auch interessiert, wie es in Rothenburg ob der Tauber heute aussieht, dann kommen Sie mit einem Klick hier zum Ziel.


MS Access ... it gets a bit technical!


Still a little technology: The church register database Nordhessen is with the help of Databases recorded in MS Access format. Up to now 540 places in North Hesse and Kurhessen-Waldeck are often even completely covered. naturally Of course, the completeness is not yet for all places and communities given. Complicated family trees and difficult family relationships I can optimally exploit through search, sorting and filtering options. This is especially true when people of unknown origin or Unknown warped ancestors pose a daunting challenge to some.

A second cool picture of Witzenhausen, so that you can really keep track: also a work of, or after Mr. Merian.

Everything starts with Spangenberg


No one could have guessed that from the capture of the first town Spangenberg in 1996, such an extensive work would arise. Today it covers most of the places of the Kurhessisch-Waldeck church between the Waldeck border in the west, the border with Lower Saxony in the north, the border with Thuringia in the east and the old Hessian office Rotenburg in the south. The old principality Waldeck is excluded.


Of course, the capture and completion of these sites continues and if my database will ever be 100% complete ... that's in the stars.

Of course, you also get a historical view of Spangenberg from me. That goes without saying!

My Many Databases from Kassel ... About Marriage Protocols, Plow Register and Pre Church Register Time


Particularly valuable are the extensive databases for the city of Kassel. Kassel is often a special challenge because of its gaps in the war.


Here I have databases with the marriage protocols of the city about an important secondary source. As I have at all except the church books on other databases, such as on Bürgereide and the so-called collection funds from many offices in the catchment area.

Also, there is a collection of population lists, Pfluggeldregistern etc. from the Vorkirchenbuchzeit, which is also searchable and can provide valuable information.


Do you have a top-level rider, from which you would like to have created another family tree? Or, do you come with your genealogy not further than the famous "dead point"?

From Your Top Tooth to Help from Me for You


What, please, is a top-ranked? Under the link you will find the explanation and of course there is also some additional information on Wikipedia ... also about ... now this ... Link. With the help of the database can be determined quickly and without much cost, if I can help you.


If I can help you, then you can create a pedigree reliably and securely from the database. Naturally, it is not possible to say how many new ancestors "come out" before the creation. And so that there is no financial surprise - and it never really happens to me - put me a financial limit, to which I should research.


And that means that if I find fewer ancestors than expected, it can happen that the budget is not exhausted. Sure, we do not know if that's exciting: it costs less, of course, but the "yield" is also lower. Of course, in this case, I only charge the time I needed. If I could - to our common enthusiasm more or even more members of your family can find, then "reaches" me set limit. And that means I'll get in touch with you and you decide if we'll go ahead and take the next step next year. Or ... do not continue at all.


This database has proven itself several times and that especially in extremely tricky "cases". I was able to help very often and very effectively.


Z like Zierenberg in Hesse - the place used to be a little bit different in the past - concludes my offer on this page with the last letter in the alphabet to help you in the "jungle" of more than 2,000,000 data records. 2,000,000 records in my church book database Nordhessen. Clearly, the place used to be a bit different.

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